The Spanish Guitar combined with the Mexican Jalisco Harp makes the Bolero Brothers music one of a kind. The Jalisco harp, handmade by Ruben Morales Augiano in Guadalajara, is truly unique. His superb craftsmanship give a beautiful tone and heavenly appearance to his harps. Like Morales, the Flamenco Guitar makers of Spain have a long time honored tradition of slowly and precisely crafting their art. Much like Baroque violin makers of the seventeen hundreds, their secrets were known only to a small handful of craftsman. This knowledge was handed down from generation to generation.

Today this type of craftsmanship can still be seen, heard and admired through the performance of the Bolero Brothers. Jim Gonzales, 2nd generation from Valencia, Spain, lets his Spanish heart come through in his clean, distinctive Flamenco Guitar stylings. Mike Culver-Zebedis of Hungarian decent allows his gypsy spirit to flow through the harp strings. Both solo instruments when combined create a full, rich, energetic sound. One plus one equals three. They complement each other amazingly well while trading off melodies and improvising. The harp provides a strong bass and chordal accompaniment for the fluid notes of the guitar to float above. Their syncopated rhythms and beautiful melodic charm are captivating.

The Bolero Brothers cover the gamut from classic romantic ballads, calypsos, rumbas to fiery Flamenco dance. They play a variety of Spanish music as well as popular and modern standards. Their lovely music will add a sophisticated elegance to any event. For the Bolero Brothers songlist, click here.